"Lack of productivity happens due to the absence of emotional care

in the workplace."

~ Ally Nathaniel

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"In behalf of our SCORE Chapter, I would like to thank you. The participants, who were truly interactive with you, responded anxiously, and enthusiastically to what you had to say, and the time flew by. The responses we got from the participants’ evaluations were overwhelmingly positive. You were great, and again, I want to thank you."

EGON FROMM, SCORE - Small Business Administration

You nailed it! Great message!
Majeed Mogharreban Speaking Expert

“I felt both inspired and empowered and left the room wanting more”
Valerie Christine, Transformational Coach

“Ally is an amazing speaker, very inspirational!
Denise L. Teacher

“Ally made me want to cry.”
Melissa P. Mortgage advisor

Most Requested Presentations for Entrepreneurs

The Power of Emotional Resilience - Mastering the Entrepreneurial Emotional Rollercoaster.

All prominent leaders develop their emotional resilience to grow businesses and move people. How you can become an influential leader and create change by embracing your emotions.

Beyond Stuck - Overcoming Barriers to Growing Your Business and Life.

Find what are the 5 blocks that are preventing you from reaching your goals. Discover how to eliminate them so you could grow your business and life.

Unstoppable – the power of The Emotional Business IQ and how it will change your life and business forever.
How to overcome the three blocks that are stopping you from reaching your full potential, so you could create the business and life you want.

Mental health issues such as anxiety and depression affect employees' ability to be productive at work and appear to be on the rise in younger generations.


I Help Organizations Increase Employees' Productivity & Sustain Human Talent by Building Emotional Resilience.

- Build strong leaders & teams who care about their mission and each other
- Sustain Human Talent 
- increase productivity & revenue as a result.


When people feel listened to and being care for, they see their work as valued. As a result, petty complaining disappears, and commitment and productivity increases.
~ I start with an assessment of employees (teams) and leaders' emotional resilience to evaluate "stuck clusters" in your organization.
~ I teach The Emotional Business IQ fundamentals to create common ground. When teams have a common denominator and speak the same language, they can achieve more by communicating efficiently.
~ I provide Emotional Business IQ in-house or online sessions to eliminated wasted time and therefore increase productivity.


In all my years as a recruiting and HR specialist, no one ever mentioned how emotions (or ignoring them) affect the workplace.

Managing emotions is the missing link no one talks about. The reason why so many hours a day are being wasted, not to mention "sick days," and "mental health days." That happens due to a lack of emotional care in the workplace.

I've witnessed employees who lost a week worth of work because they were either overwhelmed, stressed out, or scared. Many times they would bring their personal issues to work while not being able to manage the emotional burden.

Although the common notion (or what I refer to as "the big lie,") is that business and emotions should be separated, we need to remember that our employees and the executive are humans. Therefore they bring their emotional state to work.

By teaching your team The Emotional Business IQ, I provide tools to manage emotional ups and downs and therefore increase productivity. I give them a system they can use whenever they feel stuck, overwhelmed, or stressed out.

The Emotional Business IQ is the missing link. It's the HOW, and you can now access it via my team development workshops and presentations.


~ Personal executives coaching
~ Teams training
~ Full day workshops
~ Presentations